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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

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Random Acts of Subversion: Java Magazine

by Scott Andrews
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Java Magazine

Tania Katan

by Angela Ellsworth
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"It’s 2 pm on a hot August Sunday afternoon in east central Phoenix. The ladies are starting to show up at Tania Katan and Angela Ellsworth’s 1950s studio house for the photo shoot. Tania has decided that she wants to stage a glamour shot to celebrate “Saving Tania’s Privates.” Her lover Angela is playing art director, and befitting art as glamour, has chosen to model the project after Rembrandt’s 1632 oil painting “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.” The original shows a crowd of medical students in black surrounding a corpse. In Angela’s version, the bearded students are replaced by nurses in whites, the corpse replaced by Tania as cancer patient. Death looms as a possibility in the future rather than an object on a table."






Art Director: Angela Ellsworth
Photographer: Joe Jankovsky
Hair and Make-up: Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio
Models: Nichole Sessego, Hanna Leister, Amanda Keyler,
Ambur Gore, Tondra Dené, Nicole Smith, Ashley Lucisano
Cupcakes: Rikki Cupcake
Frosting Color on Huge Cupcakes: Tammy Coe Cakes
Costumes & Props: AmeriPride, Easley’s Fun Shop, Southwest Medical & Rehab


Opening September 16, 2010 at Phoenix Theater

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