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Pricing And ServicesPricing & Services

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices vary from stylist to stylist.

Preliminary Hair Consultation

Hand Crafted Hair Cuts

(Shampoo and Blowdry included)

Custom Color with Organic Color Systems

(Blowdry not included)

Deep Conditioning/Scalp Treatment

(does not include blow dry)




A 50% Deposit is required for Groups of 3 or more. The deposit is due 2 weeks prior to the event. 48 hours notice of cancelation is required for a refund.

Permanent Curls

(Ammonia & Thioglycolate free)

Haircut not included. (Haircuts are either done before the perm or 72 hours after to not disturb the curl formation)


Pre-consultation and Deposit Required for Dreadlock Creation.

Deposit: $200 ( $100 of this deposit is refundable within 48 hours, after 48 hours the full $200 is non refundable).

*If a second appointment is needed for Dreadlock creation/Dread-extension services a non refundable $50 deposit is required to hold your appointment time.

Deposits goes towards the service total.


Dreadlocks can take 4-8 hours to be done. On average they take 5 hours. Straight hair is more difficult to dread than curly or wavy hair, this is why it costs more.

At Honeycomb we use a few different methods to lock hair:

Backcombing, Palm Rolling, Twisting, Interlocking, and Crochet are used depending on hair texture, your preference, and the stylist's recommendation.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a "dreadlock after care kit" and products to maintain your locks at home. These are available at Honeycomb.

Products we use: Knotty Boy Dread Wax and Locking Gel, Silica Powders, and Creams depending on your preference and our recommendation.

* We strongly advise against the over use of waxes, and for most hair types wax should be avoided all together. For those who do not want Bees Wax in their hair the Silica powder, locking gel, and Cream are a good alternative.

Dreadlock Removal

Emergency dread-lock removal kits for at home use, please call for availability.

Locking Perms

To accelerate the locking process you may opt for chemically locking with an ammonia free Organic Perm Solution. Your Dreads cannot be unlocked completely after this is applied. This is done post backcombing and palm rolling the dreads, but before applying finishing products.

Lock Maintenance

Backcombing, Palm Rolling, and Twisting, and crochet are used depending on hair texture, your preference, and the stylist's recommendation.

Why do we require deposits?

Dreadlock appointments take a good amount of service time, and we have a large dreadlocks clientele. We want everyone to be able to get the appointment time that works best for them while avoiding "no-call no-shows". That way people on our waiting list can get in if there is a cancelation.

Ask for Ambur or Autumn.

Questions? Feel free to email or call us.


Organic Milk and Honey Wax, bees wax free.

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