Providing vegan, organic, and gluten free hair options

At Honeycomb we provide an alternative to conventional hair product lines.  Every product we use and sell has organic ingredients wherever possible.  No products used contain ammonia, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic parabens, petroleums, animal ingredients, or plastics.

Lines we stand by:

Why choose Organic Colour Systems?

They are ammonia free, they contain the lowest amount of PPD's of any permanent hair color line on the market today, and they are the only permanent hair color on the market that contain certified organic ingredients.

Being ammonia free it leaves hair in far better condition that color that does.  There is no smell of ammonia looming in the air at the salon. Ammonia based colors work at a higher pH level than Organic Colour Systems. Keeping the hair color at a low pH means that the cuticle of your hair isn't lifted open as far.  This maintains better shine, coverage, and fades less quickly true to tone. 

This is a much more appealing process to us and our clients.  If you have been using standard color or lighteners containing ammonia you may find it will take a few appointments to see the difference. This is because it takes time to mend the damage cause by ammonia. Some hair can be restored by reconstructing treatments that we offer at Honeycomb.